We clean a range of household items and all the price are listed below. All prices include VAT @ 20%


Standard £8.00, Extra thick £10.00, Cotton throws from £10.00, Padded throws from £12.00, Cot or Pram £4.50

Cotton per sq metre £4.00, Heavy interlined £6.00

Duvets & Elderdowns
Standard £14.00, Summer weight £12.00, 2-Season set £24.00, King size £17.00, Super-king £24.00, Mattress topper £26.00

Sleeping Bags
Standard £12.00, Double £16.00, Down filled £16.00

Cushions: Small £3.50, Medium £4.50, Large £6.50, Chair arms £3.50, Chair £12.00, Settee £17.00, Extra large settee £20.00, Table cover from £4.50


Roman Blinds
Per sq metre £5.00, For removal & refitting of strings £20.00

*Due to the material used in the manufacturing of curtains and chair covers there is a risk of shrinkage during cleaning although the GREATEST CARE is taken, we only accept household cleaning on the understanding that this may occur

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